Project Description


Digital technologies strengthen health systems at multiple levels by improving data services and information flow for system managers offering health providers and patients better access to innovative tools in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for TB and DRTB. The WHO Global Ministerial Conference in Moscow highlighted digital technologies for TB as key opportunities to advance global efforts to eliminate TB, particularly for high burden countries and vulnerable populations, including the National Action Plan (NAP) countries (China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, and Ukraine). These technologies have a vast potential to contribute to the EndTB Goals and national TB strategies and goals.

In 2018, the TB CARE II team hosted the “Digital Health Technologies for a World Free of TB” workshop to supported NAP countries in capitalizing on these tools for improved patient and program management outcomes.

The TB CARE II workshop:

1) Demonstrated and showcased innovative digital health solutions for TB;

2) Promoted digital health solutions as cost-effective and high impact platforms to advance TB efforts in the 10 NAP countries;

3) Advanced public-private partnership and resource mobilization efforts among in-country stakeholders from government sectors, technology companies, and interested industry groups, and NGOs/implementing organizations to collaborate and further support current technologies or new opportunities for TB;

4) Supported countries in initiating and scaling-up high-quality digital technologies for TB that integrate evidence of impact thinking to achieve effective and sustainable solutions.

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